Sapura now has technology mastery in military radio communications, assisting the Malaysian Army to achieve high level state of readiness

  • Sapura collaborates with Thales for transfer of technology and production to achieve self-reliance
  • 160 staff in R&D and production backed by another 500 engineers, software programmers and technical experts
  • We have also built export markets for the country

Sapura has invested in the knowledge, capability and facilities to locally produce and maintain military tactical radio solutions

Providing employment and technical growth opportunities for Malaysians

Our software developers have delivered Phase 1A of Network Centric Operations (NCO); enhancing shared situational awareness and mission effectiveness

  • Malaysian Armed Forces NCO is a 20-year development program;  integrating Army, Navy, Air Force and joint services
  • The technology is locally developed integrating legacy and new systems to suit Malaysian military doctrine and NATO standards.
  • We have also built export markets for the country.
  • Information superiority, Informed decision making, Realtime information, Quick response, Effective resources management*

Sapura is also the signal corp for many defence, public safety, enforcement agencies and emergency responders under the Government Integrated Radio Network (GIRN)

Through a single network, GIRN has eliminated cost duplication in construction and maintenance of disparate networks for user agencies

As a signal corp, Sapura ensures mission focus and fit-for-purpose communication solutions for GIRN user agencies

Sapura plays a key role in establishing the first inter-agencies streamlined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for disaster and incident management

We were together with the security forces in red zone providing communication support and assets during the Lahad Datu incursion

GIRN personnel’s front-line presence and technical expertise ensured uninterrupted communication